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Eco Friendly Clothing lines for you

Inspite the weather outside being too cool for spring fashion, it is a good idea to go window-shopping for checking out the pre-warm weather collections. There are 2 things that I’ve noticed eco friendly clothes and a decline in the economy (read my bank account).

There is no doubt about the fact that New York has plenty of finest eco-boutiques and there are a few stores online too but my budget is a bit tight. But still I can confidently say that these eco friendly clothing options won’t make you break the bank. I am blogging about top 5 eco friendly clothing lines which are really affordable. If there is something that I have missed, feel free to write it in the comments box below!

American Apparel –

They are made in the US and sweatshop on house. Apart from that, we know that it is a great place to come and get reasonably priced similar to the hoodies, t-shirts, leggings, etc. Their garments, at this time, are made of about 20 percent organic materials and they are planing to increase it up to 80 percent in the future. It is said that they will be recycling about a million pounds of fragment fabric each year and will also place solar panels on the roof of their LA headquarters.

Levi Strauss –

They make a plenty of cool looking jeans and have options for green clothing in their repertoire. They use organic cotton, reclycled zippers and buttons and the indigo dye that the use is natural. A new Levis pair will cost you about $70 which is not too expensive.

Jonano –

Their products are made from hemp fabrics, organic cotton and bamboo which sounds really cute. These garments are also made in compliance with Fair Labor practices which is an additional bonus. What’s more, it uses natural dyes through low environmental crash . The materials used in packaging and shipping are all recycled. Prices of these goods range from $30-$115.

Rawganique –

These garments are made from hemp and organic cotton and there are plenty to choose from for both the men and women. The variety is really surprising, you can choose from towels, bags, footwear, socks, organic sheets, and also jewelry. Tops made of cotton or hemp will put you back by $30-$50 and the dresses cost about $60-$80.


They offer mainly outdoor clothing line which can be used on a regular basis. These guys are pioneers in making the open-air stuff that is made of organic, eco-friendly and low-impact materials. Their labeling system is eco-sensitive too which will give you an idea of how green they are trying to get. Nice choice if you are looking for eco friendly clothing.

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