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Eco Friendly Houses of the Future

It’s a dream come true to construct your own home. Now days, many celebrities like Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Orlando Blues, Tricia Helfer and many other are getting eco-conscious and spreading awareness about eco friendly houses by using solar panels for energy, non-toxic paints and other natural materials to built eco friendly houses.

Here you will read further about the most unusual development of housing in the West.

In Bristol, a green idealists group is constructing 24 eco friendly houses. If we take a look on these houses, we can definitely see how the future of the house will seem.

An Englishman’s home

Just take a look on an English housing estate and you will see that all houses look alike. In general, the design of the house has turn out to be so standardized that we look for different ways to build eco friendly house.

But now, the eco-consciousness has opened many doors to create creative as well as innovative ways to build a house.  Thus, giving an opportunity to built and re-invent – eco friendly houses of the future.

What you can look into such eco friendly houses?

  • They cut down your energy and water bills and has unique, trendy look.
  • In the housing industry, the environmental sustainability is a buzzword.
  • The entire plan of eco friendly houses comes with eco-gardens, public transit, pedestrian and cyclist friendly as well as technology and architecture planning is very developed.
Building you own eco friendly house:

Most of people who want to start implementing means of eco friendly materials to their home, don’t have either knowledge of it or end up getting confused. So here are some tips from where you can start:

Try to find eco builders, who can help you to build your house. Now days, people are getting eco-conscious so to attract such group of consumers many builders have started to built eco friendly houses.

It’s obvious, you need to have plot of land to build a house. And make sure your construction do not disturb neighbor’s peace or break any law of local planning authority.

Well, internet is best way to collect information about eco-friendly materials, and also know other people’s experiences. So you don’t do it yourself.

Plan your home design before hand so it would be easy to understand on how to build on sustainable as well as energy efficient characteristics.

See that your design is eco friendly and will adjust with its environment.

Calculate approximate costs of your house with materials and labors will needed.

Be prepared for investments such as insurance cover, mortgages, and loans.

Before building your own house, planned it as well as check safety measures by collecting information on internet or by being part of a group scheme.

Future eco friendly houses:

Thinking about future of housing industry, what should we expect then? Well the future eco friendly houses will be smart homes. You will be able to answer your door, switch off your oven, without getting off your sofa. How? Simple, by advance technology of designed computers pad, you will be able to control every electronic device.

I don’t know how the future home in 2050 will look like, but surely, by that time people will be more conscious about eco-issues.

Change is already on the horizon:

At Arizona’s Arcosanti and Biosphere, in States, are two experimental communities of the future.

There two new communities known as Arcosanti and Biosphere in Arizona which display future housing plans and designs.  Each of them encourages sustainable lifestyles.

Anyways, anyone would like to exchange their standardized and dull homes for the eco friendly houses in the West Country.

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