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Eco Friendly Water Heater

The eco friendly water heater is among few important appliances in an eco friendly house that is useful in saving energy as well as the negative impact is reduced on the surrounding.

Not many people know that the third largest energy consumer of the energy in a household is a water heater. In turn, if a household uses an eco friendly water heater, it not only uses less energy, comparatively to regular water heater, as well as will cut down your electricity bill. Energy saving and low cost of the eco friendly water heater are two persuasive reasons why one should change their water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

The best thing about the tank less water heater is that only needed amount of water is heated. Not like traditional water heater that heats entire water in a tank that requires large amount of energy. Tankless water heater is an eco friendly water heater as well, because the water required to heat is controlled and so is water need to bath.

Solar Water Heater

The solar water heater is an ideal eco friendly water heater as the energy it gets to heat the water is from the sun. The solar energy is trapped by the solar panel and needs to place in south direction of the roof. The solar water heater does not need any shade and should be placed such a way that it get plenty of solar energy from the sun. The solar water heater costs less in long run but can be expensive while buying solar water heater. It should be fixed by a thermal engineer and knowing the climatic around area perfectly. As it needs sun to trap energy and heat water.

Existing Water Heaters

Water heaters are such home appliance that cannot be changes many times in a year. Almost 20 years a water heater a can survive. Many people who wish to change their water heater by the eco friendly water heater but it’s not feasible or practical to do it. Still by following some basic steps, you can reduce water heater cost and energy.

  • Lower showerheads – fit the showerhead at minimal distance from your head. As at long distance the water looses its warmness as well as water is large amount of water is also wasted. Lowering the distance will reduce warmness of the water as well as shower more at targeted part of the body.
  • Dripping taps – dripping taps are main reason for wastage of water. Tighten the taps to save and conserve water.
  • Dishwashers and laundry – laundry and dishwashers are regarded as using lot of energy as well as water. So before using a dishwasher or laundry, fill it completely so you don’t need to use it again and again. Like this, you will be saving water as well as energy.

An eco friendly water heater saves energy and money. Even if you can’t install eco friendly water heater, you can still do little things to contribute in saving energy and water. Go Green!

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