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Well with considerable energy efficiency and the greener technologies at the ahead of everybody are thinking, about how is it possible to reduce the dependency of energy at out houses. The conventional methods of heat retention methods with double glazing and good insulation and also ways of using various technologies in green living such as may be boilers which is possible for everybody to install, however when it comes to building a brand new house, you can take examples of various houses which have utilized some of the best green technologies in green and making sure of utilizing maximum natural resources for the energy. It is for sure an achievement.

Situated in Kent, England, Crossway, a wonderfully designed four bedroom family house, is definitely one huge timber vault, and this house is located amidst the lush greenery of a country side. The house is designed in a best way possible, to reduce the usage of gas, water and also the electricity. The house is still quiet spacious, airy and ample sunlight gets into the house during the day time. The owners of the house have utilized maximum materials which are available locally, which does benefit the local economy, while constructing the house it was made sure to use the materials which are green and even the house was insulated in the highest quality, such as triple glazing and air tight. The interior is wonderful and the entire house is carbon neutral.

This house is Lux et Tepidus, Toronto, Canada, it is a striking 3500 square feet house and it is also aligned a little out of joint, along with the passing street, in order to take advantage of better solar alignment, the exterior of the house is mounted with solar panels, and the interior of the house is designed with the wood studs. This house is facing south and it attracts amazing sunlight, having an advantage of attracting maximum sunlight and also rays for the solar panels. The wonderful property offers luxury and comfort and designed with green ideal both inside and outside.

This house situated at the Woods End, Norfolk, England, is constructed in a vast area of two acres of woodland, it is situated on the country side of Norfolk, this wonderful eco house even won a competition of ‘I Own Britain’s Best Home’ in the year 2009. The owner of this house is Amanda Barrington; well the entire house uses only five hundred pounds worth of outside energy in the entire year. It uses maximum solar energy, and utilizes the energy from the passing stream near by. The house is quiet modern however still very homely design, and the design of the house has won many accolades, as it is designed amazingly. This houses is an achievement in architecture and green. The house offers luxury yet it is also energy efficient, and deserves many more accolades.

This Heather’s Home, which is situated in Weatherford, Texas, in the United States, is an amazing built eco-home, it is one of the first homes in Texes, which has received the LEED for the Homes Platinum Certifications and the best part is that the entire home only receives hardy twenty to thirty dollar monthly bill. The house was built with the cost of over hundred dollar per square foot, which includes many green technologies, such as rain water harvesting, the water heater which is powered by the solar panels. Well the house displays a wonderful interior, all the interiors are seamlessly engrained, which is another example for the great luxury and sustainability which works together.

The Costa Mesa Green Home, which is situates in the Orange County, California, is another house, which is first to receive Platinum Certification, in the region of Orange County California. This is a huge five thousand square foot home and it one of the luxurious as well as sustainable house, which features, this house exceeds the local efficiency targets by close to forty percent. Well this wonderful project, has worked in the best possible ways of utilizing the solar energy. The design of this house uses only sustainable materials. It also features several energy efficient technologies such as intelligent ventilations, State of the art green heating system and air conditioning, even the lighting system is energy efficient. This is one of the best properties which are completely energy efficient and it is achievement for sure.

Well there is one more house which has received a platinum certification and it is the first to receive it; this is situated in Orange County in California. The house is huge five thousand square feet, and it is also quiet luxurious, and it is considered to be one of the most energy efficient homes in the region. The house uses maximum solar energy and the building is designed using the best possible re-used materials. Several technologies are used in order to save the energy such as intelligent ventilation, and many more technologies. This house is for sure a wonderful achievement.

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