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Effects of Air Pollution

Effects of air pollution are now at an all time high. The problem is now really menacing and it is high time arrest its growth. The problem of air pollution wasn’t considered very serious until now and in the past decade a lot of facts that tell us how polluted the atmosphere has become. The environment is badly affected by a lot of harmful toxins and chemicals that are released in atmosphere.

Recent reports say that there are a lot of people dying due to air pollution. People living in the cities get badly affected by air pollution when they walk on the streets. Effects of air pollution are vicious and hence there  is a need to tackle this problem seriously. We are breathing plenty of grime and smoke right now. About 800 die every year due to air pollution. Right now, air pollution is a bit environmental threat that is eating in to our health now. If this is ignored now, things could get worse in coming years.

Effects of air pollution include diseases. A lot of people are victims of hazardous diseases due to air pollution. Some most common diseases include lung problems, cancer, bronchitis, etc. Air pollution is a very big problem in factories and industries.

Environment is getting affected drastically due to air pollution. There are plenty of non-governmental organizations that are trying to get rid of air pollution. It is really important to spread awareness now. The battle will get easier when people realize how serious the whole issue is.

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