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Good Health the Green Way

We all know some concern towards environment and reducing our carbon footprints help in making this Planet a greener one. What we should also take note of is that “going green” and imbibing those “green ideas” in our lifestyle can be good for our health too.

Here is how we can ensure good health in greener ways.
  1. Walk the distances that you can walk. You can walk to school, you can walk to work and you can walk to your local grocery stores. Walk for simple errands. Walk just for the sake of walking, instead of hitting the gym for getting in a good shape. By walking your way out, you save on the gas consumed by vehicles, reduce the level of greenhouse gases released in the air and also get your self some good exercise! Remember to follow the pedestrian rules though…
  2. Be eco-friendly at lunch. Dump those plastic and paper lunch bags you carry just so that you can dispose them off easily. Go for re-useable lunch boxes instead. You have a variety of options to choose from as there are plenty available in the market.
  3. Get a good water-bottle. Dump those plastic ones that end up in the dustbin and are hazardous for the environment. Today, the aluminum or stainless steel bottles have caught on the trend as the chances of chemicals from these materials leaching into your water is less. Go for them and make a green statement!
  4. By fresh food. Go for vegetable vendors early in the morning or whenever the public vegetable markets open and take your pick among the green, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Avoid big air-conditioned stores for the same as most of the stuff in there is stored for long, hence not fresh and healthy.
  5. Get green with your garden. If you have a space for garden, plant it well in a green way. You are going to breathe the air around you so your garden should have plants and trees that give the air a good quality. If you can, have your own little kitchen garden, use the fresh vegetables and herbs from their and add freshness and health to your cooking.
  6. If you have kids, teach them about planting and farming and make them understand the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food at home as those are not good for health and include as much green vegetables as you can.
  7. Be a bit experimental with your food. Try a new green vegetable. You never know, a new veggie could just go on to become your favourite flavour. Besides, it will be a good change and break the monotony of what you regularly. This is good for your appetite and hence your health.
  8. Be pro-active towards “green” causes. Write to legislators about the need for open spaces in the city, school gardens, community supported agriculture and other such measures that improve the quality of life that urban people have to live in.
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