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The Corporate World—the Green World’s Next Big Arena

Without a doubt, if you are not one of them celebrity people with jobs that pay them to do what they want to under the open skies, and you are an adult, you spend a major part of your time at the office doing work , often lasting as much as twelve to fourteen hours of the at work station at your work place. Day after day, week after week, year after year.  Just like most of us do. Sometimes even on Sundays. And it just does not change. Ever. At times, we forget that we had personal lives. If you are one of these people, you know then, the amount of energy and a resource that is spent while working, most of it going to waste, and spent increasingly in a wasteful manner. This wastage, if you have a soul, will get to you one day, and you will start feeling miserable about the wastage. If however, you are one of those who feel that the smallest of steps in everyday life are possible of making bigger, better changes to the environment, then this is one guide that can help make all the decisions that you intend making. Not only will making such changes help the environment on a whole, but will also make working a joyful act, an act which provides thorough happiness.

These are some of the green changes that one can make in one’s professional life in order to have a better, greener, and cleaner future.

Going to our workplaces or offices is the first step to our work days. This is also the first opportunity for us to make the green changes that we intend making. For starters, a group of people, if living in nearby areas, can make changes like carpooling instead of traveling by their own private vehicles.  This will save such a lot of fuel in the bargain. Besides fuel there is also a savings on the bills and money. Then, there is the amount of space that is left vacant on the roads for other people. Probably looking at your kind deed, there will be others who will be moved to make the same decision. This change will also heavily change the amount of pollution that takes place, for the positive good. If this is not too much of a possibility, then look towards the option of traveling by public transport, which is, at the end of the day an option better than even carpooling. If everyone were to only use public transport, imagine how much fuel we would have saved.

Almost all of the work that is done today is done via the medium of computers. This being said, it is only understood that we must have computers that are efficient in every possible way. This would mean that the first thing that we need to check about our computers is the computer’s speed, and if it is less, increase it to the optimum level possible. One simple way of doing this is to get rid of all the unused, unimportant files on your computer. Instantly, you will realize that the computers are working at a speed that is much more than what speed the computer was working earlier. Not only will your system work much faster, but it will also lead to a lot of energy being saved in the process.

While at work or at home, make sure you keep the use of paper to as little as needed. Make use of your computer as much as possible, as it makes your job much more easier and also leads to the saving of important resources; in paper being pulp from trees and water. Make as much as you work go on a digitized platform, and just in case you need a back up, burn a CD or copy the data onto a memory stick. When you need to send mails for official purposes, make use of email services instead of paper mail. If you are in charge of the human resources of your company, make sure that you ask all your prospective candidates send their details and CV via internet mail instead of printed sheets. If you have to make use of paper in your work, make sure you use paper that is chlorine- free.

While in the office, see to it that you the save as much energy as is humanly possible. For all the areas in your office where lighting is not exactly needed, turn off the lights, especially when no one is around. When you are not making use of gadgets like scanners, printers or any other thing connected to a computer or a power source, make sure you unplug it at the source. The load supply of power is reduced considerably by this simple act. As much as possible, get dependent on natural air and light in your office, instead of making unabated use of the artificial lighting and air conditioning. This air that is let in from outside is at any time fresher than air that is circulated making use of a fan or an air conditioner.  Not only is this air fresher, it is also good for people’s health and so it is good for the working of the people too.

Another step that will have fairly positive results in the long is the process of letting people working from home. This will lead to a large amount of energy being saved at the workplace itself. There are a great number of technologies that we can make use of, in today’s age, including those the likes of instant message services, internet services,  video-conferencing  and communication via teleconferencing adds up to the savings one makes from not having to commute to the office and back home. The process of working at home is one that is predominantly followed by females, although there are a good number of men working from home too. Ultimately, it is leading to the saving of a lot of energy and resources.  The more the  chances of you working from home, the easier it is to follow your everyday routine life.

Even the most trivial of things can lead to the greatest of changes in the long run. One such thing that one can do is try and conserve energy during the food break. The easiest way to conserve energy during lunch hours is to carry a lunch pack from home itself. If you are one of those people who depend on food from the cafeteria or from outside, maqe sure you order in a group. This is especially to be followed where the food is wrapped in waddles of paper. The paper that is used for the wrapping  of the food is such that it cannot be used for any other purposes, and so ultimately ends up in the dustbin. The bigger the group that you order for, the lesser the amount of packaging that goes for the food. One of the smartest and indeed, the simplest way to save on paper, plastic and Styrofoam is to make use of cups from our own houses. Ask your colleagues to come to office with cups for themselves for their coffee or tea needs. If possible, also keep some extra cups in store in the office itself for visitors or guests.

Make use of as little physical stationery as possible, and all that you use, make sure you recycle. Offices often provide a lot of free stationery to their employees like pens, papers, notepads, etc and so more often than not, we tend to use them very extravagantly. This is ultimately the unnecessary wastage, wastage that could be easily avoided. Recycle all the products you can, especially those that involve plastic and paper. In addition to this, make as use of as few staples as possible. Staples, too, by the way are recyclable. If you have to print something, or need to get something photocopied, makes sure you use both the sides of the paper for printing. Software such as green printing and others, ultimately lead to the amount of energy, ink and paper, being kept to the bare minimum that they have to. Hence, again you are preventing the hazard of unnecessary waste.

When you and your colleagues start using these techniques to help the environment, there is a good opportunity to get others involved in your project too. Alternatively, you could also device your own green project for your company. As with any group, a company will be able to reach its green targets, even if they are high, if there are a good number of people persistently following it. This step is especially essential, because there are a good number of people who want to good for the environment, yet only follow the example or lead of others, at least for some time, until they have become confident enough. Teamwork comes to be observed at its best when we follow projects like this, and also leads to better optimization of the work the employees do and the employers seek. These plans then can be introduced in their spheres of our private life, and the change that will occur, if things are followed in this regard religiously will lead to the planet being, exactly what it needs to be, green, healthy and supple.

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