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Green Living Trivia – I (Lighting System)

Here are some things you might want to know about ‘green’ lighting:

1.       There are many automatic devices available in the market today that can help you save energy consumed during lightings. You should give a serious thought to the use of such devices such as infrared censors, automatic timers, motion censors, solar cells and dimmers wherever they can be put to use for switching on/off lighting circuits as they can help a great deal in reducing the energy used during lighting.

2.       Light up only those areas that really need lighting, where some work needs to be done. Use task lighting as far as possible, so that light is focused only in areas that need to be lit up.  For instance, use a reading lamp that will focus only the materials you need to read and not light up the whole room.

3.       Around 90 per cent of energy that an ordinary bulb or the incandescent lamp consumes is wasted as heat and not used for visible light. You end up loosing on light, energy, electricity as well as money through your electricity bills when you use these bulbs.

4.       Compact Fluorescent lamps or CFLs are better substitute to your incandescent lamps and use 75 per cent less electricity, hence are more efficient as well. It is certainly in your favour to replace your ordinary lamps with CFLs.

5.       The light that a 15-watt Compact Fluorescent lamp produces is the same amount of light that is produced by a 60 watt incandescent bulb.

6.       The amount of electricity that is produced by recycling one aluminium can is what is required to run your television for about 6 hours or so.

7.       Switch off electrical appliances such as video games and computers completely when not in use. They are using up energy even when not in use and in sleeping mode. For convenience for the same, you can plug them into power strips and just turn the trips off when not using these appliances.

8.       Clean your tube-lights and bulbs regularly as dirty ones reflect just 50 per cent of the light produced, which means; a great deal of energy is gets wasted if you do not dust your bulbs.

9.       You might have a fancy for high-definition television and they might give you the clearest picture ever. However, for the environmentally conscious, the energy used by these are six times more than that consumed by your regular-okay sort of television.

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One Response to “Green Living Trivia – I (Lighting System)”

  1. James says:

    This is a nice list. However, the last one confuses me. Are you referring to plasmas? Plasma tv’s use alot of energy but HD LCD TV’s use way less energy than an old CRT TV of the same screen size. You can also get one that is energy star certified. Most HDTV’s, except plasmas, are much more efficient than older tv’s.

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