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LEED Certification: An Overview

Construction projects and buildings can be LEED certified. Such buildings need to use environment friendly practices during construction and remodeling. LEED is the abbreviation which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The Green Building Rating System has been developed by US Green Building Council. LEED certification was introduced in 1998 to raise awareness of the environment among agencies of the government, engineers, architects, builders, and developers.

A credit or point system determines the LEED certification. The certification can happen across four levels. The LEED certification levels include Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Certified. LEED certification can be attained through the submission of an application. This application is supposed to document compliance with the certification’s requirement. LEED certification is issued by the Green Building Council on successful application, review, and verification of compliance. LEED certification involves fees.

Many buildings in the past have been designed and constructed keeping in mind environment-friendly practices. However, LEED was created to streamline the process. Work is on by the government to create green buildings that are sustainable. The government is trying its best to achieve certification for its state buildings. The efforts of the government are directed toward increasing the number of redeveloped and new buildings that are eligible for certification of LEED. This includes tax breaks and funding of grants bases on the level of certification.

Individuals, contractors, industry professionals, and project managers can attain professional accreditation of LEED. Professional accreditation would ensure that the company or individual is thorough with the LEED system. These individuals can then work with other developers and like-minded individuals to guide the building process and maintain guidelines in order to attain certification of LEED.

There are many practices that are utilized and observed for certification of LEED. This includes utilization of recycled material, restricting or eliminating the amount of waste that leaves a particular site, re-usage of existing material, usage of building material that is green and sustainable. Caulks and sealers that are low in emission may also be used.

New buildings as well as renovated ones can attain LEED certification. The Green Building Council has showered LEED certification on many new building projects in California, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles in San Ysidro and Sacramento’s Department of Education. Both these structures are certified Gold. Most government buildings of other states can also boast of LEED certification.

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