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Five Ways to Create a Sustainable Office

Controlling a sustainable office is good for the environment as well as good for cutting down cost of your business expenses as maintaining resources and reducing waste will save lot of money. Even if you run a business, let it be a home-based or an off-site activity, just by adapting few easy things you can run a sustainable office.

Recycling plays an important role in saving environment and our planet. But it’s not the only way to conserve limited resources. Through many other ways, if together an organization follows these simple tips to make an office sustainable, it will help in its own larger way towards saving our Earth.

  1. Sign up for Sustainable Office Practices
    An organization should conduct programmes or workshops, in order to make the employees understand how they can contribute through following simple steps like saving energy, money, and paper to make a green friendly office.
  2. Reduce your paper footprint
    Now days, all offices have computers, so any kind of memos, announcements, surveys or forms can be submitted or distributed electronically. Hence, it will cut down use of papers and wastage of papers.
  3. Purchase responsibly
    While buying electronic appliances or equipments, buy responsibly so that you don’t have to buy same product again and again, like rechargeable batteries, cartridges that have high capacity, recycled papers for regular use, appliances of energy star are also good in saving energy.
  4. Set your computer to Stand By or Hibernate when not in use
    Whenever your computer is not in use, keep it on hibernate or stand by mode as it is starts it quickly and returns to your pages. This process doest not take time and electricity as comparatively if the computers are shut off then switched on.
  5. Recycle and ban the bottle
    Make available of dustbin to separate regular wastes from the recycled wastes. In one dustbin, you can put all recyclable wastes like aluminum, plastic, paper, Styrofoam and glass. As well, the bin not need to washed again and again. And let everyone know about easy step in recycling.

    Its better to have a water cooler in your office, as for making a water bottle it takes 75 percent of energy relative
    to a water cooler. You have to just a water cooler and lots of mugs to drink water through it. It will also reduce cost of the office.

These are five simple steps to make your office sustainable. If most of the offices started to follow these simple steps, it will help in conserving natural resources as well as cut down office expenses. Live green.

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