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Team up for green activities

To spread you message across, knowing a large group of people comes in handy. For creating a positive response to environment friendly exercises too, you would need to spread the message across a large group of people. One way is holding debates and discussions and talking about it amongst your family and children. The other, more interesting way would be to involve everyone in eco-friendly activities together. This will not just spread awareness, through these activities there can be a large scale contribution to environment protection and preservation.

Here are some of green activities to enjoy in a group.

  • Plant trees:
    Get your neighbours and other people of an area together, select an area in your locality and ask each one to plant at least one tree there. Take a vow for maintaining the tree, pool in fund for the same and make this a regular hang-out place to keep yourself and the community updated about the progress the trees you all planted made.
  • Hold Cyclathons:
    Events like cyclathons create awareness about clean ways of commuting. It also presses the need to address issues like traffic-jams, unnecessary rise in the number of vehicles on roads, noise pollution, environmental pollution and the need to have separate lanes for bicycles. Without the latter, cycling on the roads today those have a busy traffic almost all the time is next to impossible.
  • Hold marathons:
    Running and walking are good forms of exercise. However, this generation tends to drive even for short distances. Holding marathons in your locality will make people aware of benefits of walking health wise and environment wise. It will encourage them to walk the distances that can be walked, hence save fuel used by bikes or cars.
  • Make short eco-tours:
    You can take your children to the city parks instead of roaming around in the same shopping mall again and again and eating pizza or burger there. The main city parks are well-developed everywhere and have a lot of flora to admire. They also work as cultural centers. This will expose children to nature instead of the idiot box. Star-gazing tours with family and friends can be fun too, that will take you a little away from the city and give you a sense of a pollution free night where you can clear see the stars and count them.
  • Garden together:
    If you have the space, involve your kids in growing a garden and see the process of growing a plant together. Teach them about flowers and plants and let them water it. The will enjoy the growth if they find themselves contributing in. Making them talk to the plants could spell fun for them too.
  • Compute the localities carbon footprint:
    Take time out to put together the carbon foot prints of each member of your locality. Once that’s done, sit together and evaluate it. See what you can do to reduce the levels of carbon footprints together. This will create a locality conscious of carbon footprint and make them care about environmental issues together.
  • Go for bus rides :
    Get together and go for a city-tour on a bus ride. You can even try a tourist bus. The idea is to promote the use of buses for commuting. If you are planning a movie together, go to the theater in a bus. Car-pooling is another option.

Doing something as a team and working towards a common objective enhances the level of efficiency and brings in faster results. Preserving environment and adopting a lifestyle that is conducive to the environment is an immediate concern. Working in groups with your family, neighbours and members of the locality will go a long way in promoting environment-friendly ways of living and hence a healthier lifestyle.

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