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Towards a Greener Planet – Start With this Week

If you haven’t had green practices, it might take you some time to get into a lifestyle that’s conducive to the environment. Perhaps then, what you should be doing is, set a time frame to adopt a habits and practices by which you can make this planet a better place to live in. May be an year, you could then divide it into shorter time frames like a day or a week and through small steps, you can make a huge difference to the Planet Earth, and of course, yours too.

Here is what you can do this week to save the Planet Earth

Food you eat

Know where your food comes from, the source of your food, the way it is packaged and shipped or transported to the area where you live.  Do a research on what happens to the waste generated through this entire process of production and transportation. This will help you make an informed choice in the meals you chose for yourself and your family members. Try to incorporate locally grown veggies in your meal.

See what you can do and the various options you have for composting. When you decompose your food, it clogs the landfills, releases the greenhouse gas – methane and since most of your garbage are thrown out in plastics, the veggies and fruits are not able to replenish the soil on decay. As a result, the soil dependency on chemical fertilizers goes up.

Therefore, compost your kitchen waste. There are some easy ways to do that with the availability of Once a Year Compost Bins in the market, or you could locate resources that can accept your waste for composting such as a recycling center etc.

Modes of Transportation

Check your carbon footprint by checking the mode of commuting you use. You can start with reducing the car trips you take over the week. You could chose to walk or use the public mode of transportation instead. Keep a track of your car trips and see how much gas you buy each time you are out of it. See the benefits that you have when not taking a car trip like saving gas, breathing in fresh air, the exercise you get while walking and other such benefits. This will show you the positive impacts of doing away with those gas-guzzling car trips such as that on your health and savings,  and would be good for the environment too.

Saving Energy

Try to get an energy audit done at your home. You can contact an energy assessment professional for the same purpose. An audit like this will help you know how much energy you can save and the ways to do so.

Start saving up for an efficient energy appliance. You can in fact, open a savings accounts dedicated to buying those items that will make your home an eco-friendly one. Avoid wasting energy. Switch ot Compact Fluorescent Lights or the CFLs, as they are more efficient than the other regular bulbs.

Have a “Green Kit”

Have some small things that can go a long way in contributing to the well being of the environment.  For instance, carry a reusable tote bag whenever you go out shopping. Use a stainless-steel water bottle that can be re-filled, instead of buying those plastic bottles. Have coffee mug handy, you can even keep one in your office to avoid the use of paper cups. Carry your lunch in an insulated carrier and cover it up with aluminum foil or wax paper, instead of wrapping it up in plastic.

Starting with these basic steps, you can replace all your non-environmental friendly habits with those that are conducive to the environment, thus taking the cause of environment further.

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