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Benefits of Travelling Green

Travelling green might not sound lucrative to many of us. In fact, more than a good way to spend your vacation, it gives many an impression that green travelling means doing some boring stuff than being about “travel”.

But travelling in an environment friendly way is not just a necessity today, it’s worth every bit of it, and could be a lot more fun in many ways.

Here are some tips on why you should consider travelling in an environment-friendly manner
  1. To start with, it’s good for the environment. All of us need to be sensitive towards environment which today is in a critical state, in all the activities that we take up and make sure we travel in way that’s conducive to the environment.
  2. Many regions with a rich biodiversity today are also the places you must visit now as they have been declared as hotspots. So travel responsibly, so that generations after 15, 50 or even more years are can enjoy the places you have visited now.
  3. “Green” travelling is also good for your pocket. The modes of transportation and the activities you take up during green travelling come cheaper than what you would do otherwise.  When you consume less resource, the lesser is the money that you need to spend.
  4. Green travelling leaves you with interesting stories to tell. You come across various challenges or face interesting stuff not mentioned in the maps or guidebooks say if you are hiking and not leisurely travelling around in a taxi.
  5. You are more likely to interact with like-minded people and make yourself some friends when travelling in an eco-friendly way. This is because you will travel as a group when travelling in a way conducive to the environment. You will be involved in community activities like camping etc. and hence be able to interact with strangers.
  6. Eco-travelling will give you a chance to interact with the local people of the place you are travelling in. Most of the time, you will use the public means of transport or take the help of the locals when not in a luxury car  or a train or being guided by some fancy travel agencies that banks upon the interests of tourists for some sort of “eco-tourism”.
  7. Environment-friendly travelling is off the league. It can take you on roads less travelled and introduce you to cultures you have not known before.
  8. You will be introduced to the lifestyle of the local people and get some authentic information about the city, which will make your journey all the more interesting.  It will make you enjoy small things, the local food for instance.
  9. Eco-travelling is a great way for getting back in shape as it involves walking more, eating healthy and locally available fresh food which is healthy and consuming less.
  10. It’s refreshing. It will give you a different and a new perspective to see a particular place even if you have been there before.
  11. You can give all your attention to travelling and the experiences you get this way as your mind won’t be occupied with activities related to unnecessary consumption such as transportation. You can enjoy your travelling more this way.
  12. Travelling this way gives you some quality time with your family. You are unlikely to chat with them when you are riding in a car or flying.
  13. Doing something good will always make you feel good. When you will know about your contribution to maintaining a sustainable environment that you have made through green travelling, you will feel good about yourself and will be encouraged to take your next trip in the same way.
  14. Travelling green or in an eco-friendly way is the trend today. You not only do your bit for reducing the pressure on environment, you also make a statement that’s well-received and appreciated by others.

Travelling green is not just about nature travel. The bottom line of this sort of travelling is that you make small changes in your lifestyle that contributes in the sustainability of the environment.

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